A vote of thanks

Hey Rails Girls Summer of Code !

A big THANK YOU for changing our life and making us realize that we possess the potential to make our ideas work.

We want to thank from heart to all those who gave us strength and encouragement and kept us alive throughout.

A special thanks to:

Andy, the best mentor. We could not think of moving a step without your involvement. We love you ❤

Tobias, our dear supervisor. You have been a great support for us. Thank you for always encouraging us. ❤

Johannes Mentz, a great coach. We missed you throughout the summer. Hope you are doing well 🙂

Our Super awesome organizers for making RGSOC a reality.

The Sponsors for their generous support.

The diaspora* developers who made our dream of merging Pull Requests come true 😉


Our amazing supporters from India:

Prakash Murthy: It’s been nice meeting you. Thank you for always being our big support from India.

Our dear coaches : Tejas Dinkar, Neha and Arihant ❤ Thanks a lot for your time and patience to help us dive deep into the code.

The Mysore Ruby Users Group, Jaipur Ruby users Group, Bangalore Ruby Users Group. And of course all the Rails Girls Events.


We will continue to make some great and significant contributions to the open source.

We wish all the teams a great future ahead.

With regards,

Sakshi and Pallavi

‘I’m possible’!

In order to remove content from email notifications, Sakshi made following changes step wise:

  1. Modified the comment_message function in the helper files to return a link to the post on diaspora* excluding the content of the comment received on a post.  Here, she commited the commented code because she was afraid of losing some code. Then she got to know that git revertgit checkout branch — file and git reset are used for this purpose 🙂
  2. After modifying the helper files, it was required to change the helper specs too. But those changes were not appropriate.
  3. The text added in the comment_message method needed to be translatable into other languages also the link had to be interpolated while it’s implementation. The specs which she had changed, had to be rewritten instead.
  4. Then, she added new specs, added Rails Internationalization (i18n) 😉
  5. Ah! difficulties not yet over. The tests which were written were not named correctly and also one more test was missing – “it includes a link to the post” !!
  6. Having written all the tests and making the builds green, it was time for the link to render nicely in the HTML version of the mail.
  7. The next step was to correct the key for translation.
  8. The HTML view included 2 links which was useless 😦  The extra link was removed.
  9. OOPS !!! 😦  The link wasn’t clickable !!
  10. Okay she added auto_link which worked correctly but was not accepted by the diaspora* developers. It had to be in markdown in the ActionMailers Views. Here is the gist which reflects the series of revisions.
  11. Hmm, then she found that the comment_message is no longer required and had to be removed !! The existing translations din’t fit and had to be replaced. Only the link had to be linked and not the whole text. Uffff !!
  12. So all the references of the comment_message had to be removed, the specs deleted for the helper, new specs written for mailers.
  13. Well, now she’s getting somewhere 🙂

Wish, we are able to have one more PR merged before RGSOC finishes. But as this Pull request is based on a consensus on a discussion on Loomio, it might take a few more days. 😉

No worries 😉 The issue itself seems to say ‘I’m possible’! 😉

With loads of love,

Sakshi and Pallavi

Struggling with Action Mailer Views

Hi !!

Just one more step left for one more pull request being merged to diaspora*. We need to add some markdown to make a link clickable in the Action Mailer Views. There were some error messages troubling us in the log.

ActionView::Template::Error (private method `post’ called for nil:NilClass):
 1: [<%= t(‘notifier.comment_on_post.post_activity’, :link => link_to(t(“href”)

Trying to understand the error messages is an essential part of learning a language 😉 

Ohh by the way, we already have 2 Pull Requests merged into d* 🙂

1. Add ignore user icon to profile sidebar 

2. Fix commenting | Comment still displayed after a fail posting

Last week of awesome summer of code.

Keep on coding !!

Sakshi and Pallavi

Testing day :)

We tried to fix all the jasmine tests that were failing , but now some cucumber tests are failing

 # Scenario: Post an unsecure video link
 # Scenario: Post an unsecure rich-typed link
We have started learning how to write cucumber tests and will be able fix these tests too 🙂
With the emailing issue we have fixed all the Rspec tests that were failing and added few tests to expose what we were trying to fix and waiting for the devs to review it 🙂
jasmine + cucumber + Rspec is totally fun 🙂 Learning all the testing skills 😛 😀
Happy hacking ❤

The notifier specs

The specs written for email notifications were outdated. We wrote new specs for asserting that it would include a link to the post and would not include @comment.text.


The comment_message method in the helper file includes the link to the post. We had to interpolate that link.

We learnt about Internationalization in Rails through I18n. By using an I18n library we can use “variables” in our code, which will be translated on runtime depending on the language the server (or the user) set up. I18n can also take arguments like methods do. 




The real world test for email notifications is still failing. We need to understand the reason and resolve it. 🙂

Had a geeky weekend… 😉 

Happy Coding 🙂

Sakshi and Pallavi

New Pull Request to diaspora* :-)

With the help of our great supervisor Tobias and our mentor Florian, we figured out how to remove content from the email notifications received from any post activity in diaspora* and how to link to that post via email. 🙂

And, we have one more pull request to diaspora*. \o/

We also read the discussions going on on loomio.org. (Some we could understand, some we couldn’t :P)


Sakshi and Pallavi


Feeling open source!!

Well, diaspora* community is a true example of open source concept. Each and every new idea is first discussed and implemented only if majority agrees.

There is a specific loomio.org user friendly tool for group decision-making. We too opened a discussion there 😉

Side by side we are trying to make our rails concepts stronger. 🙂

Happy Coding!

Sakshi and Pallavi

Jasmine tests and email notifications


We figured out why jasmine doesn’t find any tests, it’s because of a
syntax error . With the help of error console we fixed the syntax

Simple steps to be followed while writing tests –

[1] Understand the inputs
[2] Understand the code written to get the output
[3] In tests check for right inputs , and check if the code generates
     the right output

In this case,
Create a comment
See if the post exists or not
if not, upon submission fail, comment should not be added.

this link helped us understand how to add success and error functions ….


Working on the issues: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/4342 and https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/4266 and trying to understand the concept of email notifications, we could finally send unencrypted email notifications using ActionMailer.

How can a user set their email client to receive encrypted email?
To answer this question, we are trying to explore GPG.
Happy Coding 🙂